Marantz Gives Satisfaction

I always have to remind myself that, despite Marantz’s “mass-market” reputation, the company’s Reference line products have more than earned their place on audiophiles’ equipment racks because they sound so good. Which leads to Marantz’s TT-15S1 turntable ($1500) and PM-14S1 integrated amp with phono stage ($2500). As best I can tell from my scribble, the table is a joint venture from Marantz and Clearaudio, and comes complete with arm and cartridge. What I am sure of is that system had a really nice midrange and lovely sound.

Marantz’s new NA-11S1 ($3500) is a network player that supports resolutions up to double DSD and was reviewed by John Atkinson in our October issue. Heard over Boston Acoustics M350 loudspeakers ($2500/pair) via AudioQuest Go Forth cabling, a 24/192 file of Julius Katchen playing Ravel’s Piano Concerto had a really nice midrange, good bass, and fast snap and slam. The image, however, was smaller than ideal, and the color palette reminiscent of a flower that, albeit lovely, never got the chance to reach full bloom. As an example of something/someone that most definitely has reached full bloom, if not gone way beyond, see the reflection in the mirror.