Magnepan Magneplanar MG3.6/R loudspeaker Associated Equipment

Sidebar 2: Associated Equipment

Analog source: VPI TNT Mk.IV turntable, JMW Memorial tonearm, Grado Reference cartridge.
Digital source: SimAudio Moon Eclipse, Oracle CD players.
Preamplifier: VAC CPA1 Mk.III.
Power amplifiers: VAC Renaissance 70/70, VTL Ichiban, Mark Levinson No.20.6, Classé CAM-350.
Cables: Nirvana S-X, Kimber Bi-Focal XL, Synergistic Research Designer's Reference.
Accessories: Bright Star Rack of Gibraltar and isolation systems; Tiptoes; PAC Super IDOS; MIT Z System and Z Center, Nirvana AC systems; Synergistic Research A/C, Reference Master Couplers; VPI 16.5 record cleaner, Decca/Hunt record brush, Sumiko Fluxbuster, Dennessen Soundtractor, Shure stylus-pressure gauge, Immedia Needle Nektar stylus-cleaning fluid; Nordost ECO3 and Music Fidelity DiskSolution CD treatments; Sheffield/XLO Test & Burn-in CD, Stereophile Test CD 1 and 2; EchoBuster and ASC room-treatment products.—Brian Damkroger

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