Magico's Latest S Loudspeaker

As with Wilson Audio, Magico presented its latest S5 Mk.II loudspeaker ($38,000/pair in M-Cast finish, $42,750/pair in M-Coat finish) in static display. The only element of the original S5 design retained in the Mk.II is the identical extruded aluminum cabinet. All drivers, distilled from the research that culminated in the S7 loudspeaker, are new. The tweeter is a 1" MB7 beryllium dome, and the midrange unit a 6" Graphene NanoTec carbon. This midrange is claimed to have a stronger molecular structure than standard carbon, but is 20% lighter and 30% stiffer than its predecessor.

"Magico is the first company to apply this technology to cone material," the company's Peter Mackay said. All the drivers also have a brand-new motor, which results in greater excursion. In addition, the driver sub-enclosures are oval shaped to create a "perfect environment" that eliminates interaction with the two 12" bass drivers. The speaker base is also thicker, with a new outrigger system that provides greater stability, and the cabinet's convex top plate minimizes enclosure diffraction.