Lots of Stuff from McIntosh

McIntosh had (at least) one big system, two smaller systems, and one minisystem in their huge room. While I’m pretty certain that I heard the 70th Anniversary amp and preamp, that their many lights can be switched from blue to green, and that if tubes short, their indicators turn red, I can’t give you much more specific information other than a photo of the big system’s intriguing-looking speaker. When I asked for an equipment sheet with prices, I was handed a USB stick containing 16 multipage PDFs, with components identified by model number only. That's too much to process under deadlines and show conditions. Plus, no prices were listed.

Pink Floyd fared quite well on this system. There was more life on top than in the two other big rooms I’ve visited so far. A bright leading edge was mitigated by the system’s strong midrange.

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... its products, McIntosh seems to operate on the "if you have to ask, then you can't afford it" model.
Search for that info and you'll usually find it buried in the press release for a new model but, after that, it becomes a mostly well-kept secret - even on dealer websites.

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If you search for the reviews of McIntosh products, some of their products reviews mention their price :-) ......

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Music Direct sells some of the McIntosh products, and they quote their price on Music Direct website :-) .......

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there is no need to know. Way out of my league, sadly.