Lori Lieberman was Killing Me Softly

For a select group of invitees, Philip O'Hanlon hosted two performances in On a Higher Note's Mirage suite with fabled singer-songwriter Lori Lieberman ("Killing Me Softly with His Song.") Lori entered the suite to rehearse while I was listening to recorded music, and began singing unamplified while Philip and I were in the next room discussing the products on display. I had to stop talking. It is rare that I find myself in the presence of a singer whose every sound expresses the depth of her soul. What an artist. To say that I was transfixed is an understatement.

I can't wait to listen to her new album, Ready for the Storm. To anyone wondering if this veteran artist still has it, the answer is YES.

sunnyhtms@gmail.com's picture

Philip O'Hanlon is a class act. He always makes attractive systems. Now I am coining a phrase for him. OK Philip you are like a chef who understands that food must look amazing for us to be tempted to eat.
You my friend make music systems look enchanting. One comes to your room already liking the system before it's played. I always learn from you and respect our friendship. Even Theresa wanted to hang out and enjoy your company. Kudos and best wishes for 2016.