A quarter century ago, it was de rigeur for show exhibitors to use a Linn Sondek LP12 as the source. The only Linn I have found at RMAF so far was in one of the Audio Alternative rooms, which was using the fully loaded LP12/Ekos SE/Radikal/Urika/Keel LP player/phono stage with a Lyra Kleos cartridge ($23,905). But with Wilson Sasha W/P speakers ($28,900/pair) hooked up to a Rega Osiris integrated amplifier ($8995) with AudioQuest cables, the sound of Dusty Springfield's "Son of a Preacher Man" from the new APO 45rpm pressing of her classic Dusty in Memphis album was vividly real-sounding.

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I remember in the late 80's a fully decked Linn costing 1600.00 (minus cartridge).  My how times have changed 23k? Extroardinary! 

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For those of you silly enough to piss away your hard earned money on one of those ridiculously priced tables back in the day, coned by a fast talking scotsmen... you have had the option over the decades to continually invest in upgrades that have continually brought you closer to the music and your old shoe box is still relevant and a class A kit. You were maybe, a genius, or at least, very happy all along and very fortunate.

I have to wonder how many digital player buyers could begin to claim the same. (players currently in land fills don't count)

Happy Listening!