Lights in a Box? Table 1/ Sidebar 1

Table 1:
Image Format35mm FilmNTSC Video
4000 equivalent lines525 lines (Letterbox loses 150 lines)
Contrast Ratio
Color Depth

Sidebar 1: A Personal Definition of Home Theater
Home Theater seeks to re-create the cinema experiences at home. The basic Home Theater system includes a video monitor or video projector; five speakers (left, right, center, and at least two surrounds); subwoofer(s); surround processor; and, of course, a laserdisc player or VCR deck. Any similarities between the above descriptions and a high-end system are purely coincidental, I feel. Take the following simple test:

Home Theater is:
a) a wonderful concept
b) a scourge on society
c) a way of enjoying films at home
d) the death knell of the high-end industry

My answer: D.
---Steve Guttenberg