Last Night

Nicolas Jaar: "Love You Gotta Lose Again"
Actress: R.I.P.
Tim Hecker: Ravedeath, 1972
Zomby: Where Were You in '92?
Nicolas Jaar: "Don't Break My Love"
Jay-Z: Decoded
The Wire, The Fader, The Stereophile

Patrick Butler's picture

Great lineup.  I really enjoyed the Tom Hecker release.   

Last night's run through two airports was Nadja's Touched.  Definitely need better headphones. 

mattcuttler's picture

great selection. need to get ravedeath on vinyl.

i picked up the Actress record on Tuesday. now listening through a rega rp-1, marantz pm5004 and wharfedale diamond 10.1, thanks to all the wonderful information on this site. AMAZING!