Lansche–Ypsilon–Aaudio Imports

Blues singer Jimmie Lee Robinson was singing when I entered the Aaudio Imports room, his jingling spurs sounding preternaturally real on the 6’-tall Lansche Audio 7 speakers ($108,000/pair). Like the Lansche 5.1 that I reviewed in July, the 7 uses an RF-energized corona tweeter to produce clean, transparent-sounding highs. Amplification was the new Ypsilon SET100 monoblocks ($125,000/pair) with a tubed Ypsilon PST-100 Mk.II preamp and tubed VPS-100 phono preamp, these two both favorites of Mr. AnalogPlanet, Michael Fremer.

Analog source in this room was the Bergmann Sleipner air-bearing, vacuum-holddown turntable and parallel-tracking tonearm ($54,000) from Denmark, fitted with a Lyra Atlas phono cartridge. Despite its over-familiarity, Harry Belafonte’s Carnegie Hall concert on LP sounded on this system as good as I have heard.

Pro-Audio-Tech's picture

Warm yet no lack of detail was what caught my interest. Expensive but oh well...

The turntable looked great high quality yet understated.

One of the better sounding rooms I thought.

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It looks like the $400k system, or whatever, was setup in a utility hallway.

Whether it sounded great or not I think my eye would be drawn to that door. Should I exit there at the end of the demo? Is the door alarmed? What is on the other side? Wilson Audio? Perhaps a nether realm where Mike Kay will great me just prior to ejecting me....