Jeff Rowland Design Group Coherence preamplifier & Cadence phono stage Associated Equipment

Sidebar 3: Associated Equipment

Analog source: Immedia RPM-2 turntable and unipivot tonearm, Lyra Da Capo and Sounds of Silence Crown Jewel cartridges.
Digital sources: Transports: Muse Model Eight (DVD/CD), Resolution Audio VT-960 (CD), Sonic Frontiers Transport-3 (CD), Pioneer DV-500 (DVD/CD). Processors: Muse 296 (DVD/CD), Sonic Frontiers Processor-3 (CD), Muse Model Two-Plus (CD), Resolution Audio D-92 (DVD/CD).
Preamplification: Z-Systems RDP-1 digital preamp, BAT VK-40, BAT VK-3i, Muse Model 3 Plus, Audio Research LS22, Sonic Frontiers SFL-2, Jeff Rowland Design Group Consummate.
Power amplifiers: Jeff Rowland Design Group Model MC-6 six-channel amplifier, battery-powered Model 6 monoblocks, two ATI AT-1504 four-channel amps, two prototype LFD four-channel amps.
Loudspeakers: Audio Artistry Beethoven Grand, quad-amplified system.
Cables: Interconnects: Cardas Golden Reference. Speaker cables: Cardas Neutral Reference. Power cords: Cardas, Audio Power, Marigo Reference. Digital cables: Digital Axioms 13W3 I2S, Cardas AES/EBU, Kimber Select AES/EBU, DH-Labs Silver Sonic BNC and AES/EBU.
Accessories: Arcici Suspense isolation stand, Symposium Ultra and Super Platforms and Rollerblocks, Audio Power Ultra Wedges, Vibraplane pneumatic isolation platforms, Townshend Seismic Sinks, Signal Guard platform. Acoustics' First Ceiling Cloud and custom Bermuda Corner Traps.—Shannon Dickson

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