Jadis RC JP80 MC Mk.II preamplifier Associated Equipmenteth

Sidebar 2: Associated Equipment

Analog playback: Simon Yorke turntable; Graham 2.0, Immedia RPM2, and Simon Yorke tonearms; Lyra Parnassus D.C.t, Transfiguration Temper, and Koetsu Urushi cartridges
Preamplifier: Ayre K-1.
Power amplifiers: Conrad-Johnson Premier Twelve, VTL MB 450 (both tubed monoblocks).
Loudspeakers: Audio Physic Virgo, Audio Physic Rhea subwoofer.
Cables: Yamamura Millennium 6000, Cardas Golden Cross, Electra-Glide interconnects; Yamamura speaker cables; Yamamura Quantum, Electra-Glide AC cords.
Accessories: Sounds of Silence Vibraplane active isolation stand, Zoethecus equipment stand, A.R.T. Q dampers, D.J. Kasser Black Diamond Racing cones, Walker Valid Points, Symposium Acoustics and Bright Star isolation bases, ASC Tube Traps, Shakti Stones.

Note: Where you place a tubed preamp and what you place it on have profound effects on its sound. Walker Valid Points produced a more liquid, bloomy midrange and a bigger soundstage; the DJ Kasser Black Diamond Racing cones (#4) gave a somewhat drier, tighter, more focused but less liquid sound. These interactions have more to do with "tuning" and taste than with accuracy or absolute efficacy.—Michael Fremer

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