Introducing Aries Cerat

Stunning to behold, eh? Cast your eyes on the US debut of Aries Cerat's new line of equipment from Cyprus, imported by Joshua Masongsong of Texas-based Believe High Fidelity. In the middle of crazy, crazy Las Vegas, I felt as though I was immersed in a nice warm bath as I listened to Aries Cerat's Symphonia Aries Limited Edition 3-way horn loudspeakers ($125,000/pair gets you 101dB sensitivity and only one of five pairs in existence), Concero 65 SET class-A monoblocks ($35,000/pair), Impera Signature Edition Mk.II preamp ($82,500), and Kassandra Reference Mk II PCM DAC ($35,000).

Due to a damaged-during-shipment server, the source was a PC with Foobar. The rest of the $324,695 system included lot of excellent Kimber Kable, two PS Audio P10 power plants ($4995 each), and Stillpoints racks and Ultra 6 feet ($899 each). Joshua reports that the LE's finish alone takes two months to complete.