High End by Oz: Lansche, Thrax, Viva

High End by Oz's Ozan Turan was showing beautiful equipment in the Kennedy Room, including an Esoteric X-05 CD/SACD Player ($12,000), Thrax Audio Maximinus Silver DAC ($38,500), Viva Audio Solista MK II class A 22Wpc integrated amplifier ($29,500), and Lansche Audio Model 5.2 speakers in white ($57,000/pair). Hifistay Mythology racks ($6,500) held the gear and Albedo provided their Silver signal and power cables ($6,000–$23,000) and a S.I.N. Audio PSD Unlimited Power Distributor ($23,500).

The sound of the Oz High End rig was exceptionally pure and clean in the upper mids and treble. Oz told me that the Lansche speakers's use a plasma tweeter, and that their lack of a voice coil accounts for their exceptionally sleek and compelling sound and nimble and lifelike delivery. A CD recording of Chick Corea's "Spain" had physicality and impact. The soundstage reached well beyond the speakers, both side to side and to the rear. The speakers were so extended and refined in the treble, it was as if we'd all been sun-kissed and sated.