Left over from AXPONA: Sonus Faber, Accuphase, Clear Audio, Innuos, and more

[Due to technical difficulties—the photos we had taken were of insufficient quality—the following report from AXPONA was delayed ... until now.–Editor]

AXISS Audio saved one of the stars of its portfolio, Accuphase, for room 1129. Instead of showing the Accuphase A-300 monoblocks, which I will surely propose for one of our next Stereophile Product of the Year awards, Cliff Duffey premiered the Accuphase P-7500 power amplifier in bi-amp configuration ($25,975 each) and Accuphase DP-770 SACD player/DAC ($26,575).

Accuphase also supplied the DG-68 digital voicing equalizer ($18,975 as configured), which I raved about in our August 2021 issue and PS-550 AC power supply ($12,575).

On a CD of Alexandre Tharaud playing Chopin’s Grand Valse Brilliante, the piano’s midrange was gorgeous. Which was no surprise, given the Accuphase electronics and Sonus Faber Amati G5 speakers ($36,000/pair). Veronica Swift sounded equally seductive (as did the piano) on “No Regrets,” from her album, Confessions. I could devote an entire paragraph to waxing ecstatic about Accuphase’s beautiful, smooth midrange.

In a demonstration of what the DG-68 can do in a challenging room, the sound went from flat and a mite lifeless to alive and engaging. All correction was accomplished in the digital domain. Very convincingly.

Also in the system: an Innuos ZENith 3 music server with 1TB internal SSD storage ($6299), Clear Audio Ovation turntable ($9500) with Universal Tonearm 1 ($6200), and TAOC rack system.

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