Gryphon Audio

Gryphon Audio supercharged HIGH END Munich 2024, Atrium 4.1, Room E120, presenting the world premieres of three products: Gryphon’s Apollo Supreme Reference Turntable with Apollo 12.1" DLC Tonearm, and new Black Diamond DLC Supreme Reference MC Cartridge with DLC ("Diamond-Like Carbon) coating ($149,800 total including cartridge). Also new, the Siren Supreme Reference Phonostage with external PSU (four inputs (3 XLR, 1 RCA), $69,800).

Gryphon Audio’s stately finish and bold lines were repeated throughout the system, which also included the Commander NPS Supreme Reference Preamplifier ($39,800) and Commander PSU Supreme Reference PSU for Commander ($30,000). A pair of Apex Mono, class-A Supreme Reference Mono Amplifiers (225Wpc, $209,000/pair), drove the EOS 5 3-way passive loudspeaker system ($52,800/pair),

Power distribution consisted of the PowerZone 3.10 Gryphon HafnerTech Power Distribution, with eight power outlets ($14,000) and PowerZone 3.20 Gryphon HafnerTech Power Distribution, with eight power outlets ($17,500).

Support was provided by StandArt Pillar, including the StandArt Pillar 548 ($1600/pair), StandArt Pillar 800 ($1800/pair), Black StandArt Shelf ($2500), Black StandArt Turntable Shelf ($4000), and StandArt Apex Amp Stand ($8500).

Gryphon's own VANTA Cables carried signal: VANTA Speaker cables ($17,000/pair), XLR Interconnect ($6000—12,000/pair), VANTA C-13 power cord ($5000), VANTA C-19 power cord ($5500), and VANTA XLR Phono Cable ($8500).

While I was very interested to hear this system, Gryphon was taking turns with a neighboring room playing music, so as not to confuse listeners with the MOC’s generally thin walls. I failed to return but heard good reports (footnote 1).

Footnote 1: I heard the system and can report that the sound was everything you'd expect: Big-boned, large-scale, dramatic. I didn't hear it with music requiring subtlety, so I can't report on that.—Jim Austin