The electronics of Borg.Audio’s Christian Gunther look like they're straight off the bridge of the Starship Enterprise. With their retro-futuristic visual style, you’re bound to either love or hate them. Though I didn’t hear them at Gunther’s static display, I’m already in the first camp.

Gunther premiered a number of products at High End Munich, including the Aria phonostage ($24,000), Vero phonostage/recorder ($24,000), Solo headphone amplifier ($17,000), Solo Base preamp/streamer/recorder ($12,000), Solo 3X mono amplifiers and active crossover ($15,000 apiece), and Mass integrated amplifier/streamer/recorder ($60,000).

Proving he is one handy and prolific manufacturer, Gunther carried his entire line to the show, including the Dune preamp/streamer/recorder ($25,000), Warp preamp/streamer/recorder ($27,000), Zoom preamp/streamer/recorder ($55,000), Stereo integrated amplifier/streamer/recorder ($60,000), Dune Mono Amplifier ($20,000), Warp Mono amplifier ($20,000), and Edge Mono Amplifier ($50,000).

“You will find us humiliated, squeezed in a really small space,” Gunther wrote beforehand. “We are being disciplined for last year, when we had, as always, a generous space. But I couldn`t attend as I had a car accident on my way to the show.”

Fully recovered, Gunther responded to questions from inquiring attendees, including me.

“Old school hi-fi. Perpetual” is Gunther’s slogan. Engage!

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Love the look, even if there is probably a price premium compared to comparable mass produced gear.

Of course, it would have to sound good and function flawlessly. Would look terribly out of place in a traditionally decorated home, but fabulous in the right mid century or contemporary scan design type setting.

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Certainly interesting!

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