Hardwired for Newcomers

Transparent also introduced the colorful, entry-level Hardwired brand, which is designed to satisfy the wants of newcomers to the fold. The company's marketing coordinator, Matteson Nadeau, joined product designer and Operations Manager Josh Clark to show off Hardwired in a little Pro-Ject system that, together with cables, cost $1300.

Hardwire's line is quite extensive, and includes HDMI ($40/3ft), CAT6 network audio ($30/3 ft), USB A>B ($40/up to 3 ft), USB A>mini ($ditto), mini>RCA ($35/3 ft), RCA interconnects ($45/1.5 ft pair), XLR interconnects ($60/1.5 ft pair), speaker cables ($95/8 ft pair), and power cables ($75/6 ft). Conductors are oxygen-free, and the cables incorporate some form of noise-cancelling technology. The complete line should reach stores by the end of February. Eat your heart out, Radio Shack.