Gunmetal glory from Raysonic

I’m not familiar with Raysonic, but their system sounded excellent: a large-scale presentation with good color and texture, elements of which may have been owing to the impressive-looking Raysonic Reference 26 mono tube amplifiers ($16,500/pair in Canadian funds). Each 180Wpc amp contains 12 Russian-made 7591AEH output tetrodes, configured for true balanced operation. (We were told that the loudspeakers, which bore the name Revolver, aren’t commercially affiliated with Raysonic.)

Even more appealing to this EL34 enthusiast—visually, at least—was Raysonic’s beautiful SP-300 integrated amp ($2600), on static display. I requested a review loaner, so perhaps I’ll soon have a better idea what this brand is all about.

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I had no problems contacting Raysonic Audio. I called both the USA and Canda and they were very helpful and answered all my questions.

Raysonic USA is in Scottsdale Arizona and they were the best. They told me that they stock all the models and that there are 27 service centers in the US, which is important to me. Raysonic USA's number is 1-888-593-8488.