Get 'em while they're young

Stereophile's Stephen Mejias (left) is given the hard sell by the youngest audiophile at the Show, Shane Censullo. Shane was tireless throughout the weekend, handing out flyers on behalf of his father's company, Avatar Acoustics.

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The whole family worked hard. Even their young daughter was passing out refreshments in the demo room, of which I must say, was an unusually musical and enjoyable presentation. The Thomas Dolby live album tracks were fun! Thanks!

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That nice young man wiil be a major audio sales man one day, polite, and very enthusiastic.  He for sure will have a bright future ahead of him.

Best of Luck





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I agree. I was very impressed with Shane -- he was friendly, respectful, and extremely well-spoken -- and I'll look forward to seeing him at future shows.

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It was very cool to see some young people in the building!

I'm glad I took Shane's advice and went into his Dad's room.

I think I remember his father playing a "high school" vinyl pressing of Steve Miller's "Fly Like an Eagle" on the Avatar system.

It was sweet!


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I'm about 14 now. I can't wait to goto a show with my old man! This kid sure is lucky!