Florida’s Audio Expo is Back, and it’s Gone (More) International

If you live in Maine, and it's wintertime, and a kind magazine editor calls offering a getaway to the Florida International Audio Expo, what do you say? In my case, it was Yes please. And so, yesterday, I arrived at the Embassy Suites Westshore in sunny Tampa, suddenly without the need for scarves and double-insulated boots, but with my usual hankering for a serious hi-fi fix. I'll be getting a three-day series of them, in fact. Lucky me.

The fourth edition of the sold-out Florida show, with almost 80 exhibit spaces, promises to be a more worldly affair than before, thanks to the prominent presence of brands like Latvia's Aretai and Japan's storied TAD. (That company's R1TX Reference One loudspeakers are truly something else—more on that soon.)

International ambitions notwithstanding, the Expo in Tampa is known for its relaxed vibe, the younger-than-typical crowd, and an atmosphere that co-founder Bart Andeer describes as "family-friendly." Students and spouses get free admittance.

Andeer's take on audio is simple: "If everyone turned off the news and listened to music more, the world would be a better place." Amen to that. Let's go!

The show runs through Sunday February 19.

Gregory68's picture

I look forward to following your reports. Yes, yes, yes, more music listening and less conflict.