Five Happy Winners

Nick L. visits the Stereophile New York City office to pick up his brand new Audiofly AF78 in-ear monitors ($200) he won in the Audiofly headphone sweepstakes this summer. His comments throughout the years as Volvic here at have detailed his love for Simaudio and YBA gear, analog playback, and taking care of his family. Now Stereophile is showing him some love back. Nick was just one of four winners for this sweeps.

Ben C. of Portland, Oregon achieves a Fonzi level of cool with his new Audiofly AF56 in-ear monitors ($100).

Asa E. of Needham, MA showcases the Audiofly AF33s ($30) alongside the other headphones in his collection.

Dean S of Redondo Beach, CA wanted to send in a picture but already donated his Audiofly AF45s ($60) to the high school where he works as a prize for highest academic achievement. Way to pass on the music!

And how about a bonus winner?

Thomas McDonald was very excited to win the Grado SR80 and Audioquest Dragonfly combination (a $298 value) in a sweepstakes sponsored by The Needle Doctor this November. Splitting time between his SR80s and Sennheiser Momentum over-ears will be a tough choice.

Congratulations to all our lucky winners and thank you for participating!

volvic's picture

And much love back to all the gang at Stereophile, here's to putting a smile on my face every month when I get my issue in the mailbox.  

John Atkinson's picture

And to you volvic. Great to be able to put a face to a handle.

John Atkinson