Like a Firewire out of the blue

Perhaps I don't spend enough time at my local Apple store—which is, after all, only 70 minutes away—but I confess that I'd never heard the word thunderbolt in a high-tech context before RMAF 20212. Now, having attended the computer-audio seminar moderated by my friend Michael Lavorgna—of sister site—I know that Thunderbolt is now the preferred interface for connecting a music-storage drive (or NAS) to a current iMac or MacBook. Seen here are panelists Rob Robinson (Channel D), Mark Waldrep (AIX and iTrax), Steve Silberman (AudioQuest), and Michael Lavorgna (left to right).

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I connected by macbook pro with a high end USB audio cable to a Stello U3 which connected by a BIS digital cable to my Moon DAC and I got amazing results with 44.1 uploaded CD's played through iTunes.  Might thunderbolt be an even greater improvement to transfer regular 44.1 data than USB?


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Are Macs the only game in town? Just wondering.

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We had no choice GeorgeHolland, as much as I don't like Mac products my wife had an iPad that could function as a remote through the wifi and with the Stello didn't even need the drivers to be installed, plugged it in reconized it, made the changes through the MIDI for 44.1 khz and presto beat out my Linn Ikemi and YBA CD1a.  Total cost MacBook Pro $1,100, Stello $400, Moon 300D DAC $ 1089 and no need to ever worry about buying an expensive player and wondering if laser assemblies will ever be available should the unit fail.  Still keeping my CD players though.

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I find it shocking you had not heard of Thunderbolt prior to this. I am not big into Computer Audio and I knew what Thunderbolt was a year ago.

It really is frightening that somebody in the press could be that out of touch.

I also remember you had never heard of Bluetooth until you did that Chord review a year or two ago. Again, shocking. Come out of your cave.

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Thanks, Mr. Legend, for crafting this clever satire of Stereophile's anonymous critics at their saddest: "I hate [fill in writer's name] so much that I read everything he writes and commit every sentence to memory!" This is a point I've been making for years, but you got straight to the heart of it in a very few words. The avatar depicting a pudgy orngutan was also a nice touch, but I think it was a bit harsh: Most men whose appetites for online pugilism aren't impeded by full social lives are indeed obese, but stating the obvious is of little avail. Remember: understatement is the very soul of wit! Thank you for reading and supporting Stereophile.

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I find it shocking you are so defensive, and  resort to pseudo intellectual drivel to deflect the notion that you under prepared to review certain product categories.

First, where did I say I "hated" you?

I certainly don't.

I simply pointed out that it was, and it IS amazing that Thunderbolt was a  foreign term to you. You might as well never heard of Facebook

Secondly, how dare you even try to make suppositions about my private life.

You really need to get a hold of your self.  Methinks.

Have a pleasant day.

Mr. Legend.

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As someone who has owned these critters I find that photo hilarious.