Epos Epic 2

Epos’ Epic 2 ($799/pair) uses the same 1” soft-dome tweeter found in the smaller Epic 1, but with a larger cabinet and 6.5” mid-woofer, the Epic 2 is designed to offer greater sensitivity (90dB), bass output, and power handling. Like the Epic 1, the Epic 2 is available in cherry and black ash vinyl veneers and provides a removable baffle cover.

There is always good music playing in the Music Hall suite. On this occasion, I walked into soaring vocal harmonies, rollicking acoustic guitars, and glittering banjoes, and I wondered, “Is this a new Fleet Foxes record?” Turned out to be Mumford & Sons. The system, including a prototype Music Hall Signature Edition four-plinth turntable (around $4000, scheduled to be ready by the 2011 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest), Creek Evolution 5350 integrated amplifier ($1795), and the versatile Creek Wyndsor phono preamp ($2495), made good sense of all the instruments and harmonies, maintained a solid and snappy rhythm, and managed to draw me into the music with its impressive impact.

We also listened to tracks from Neil Young’s latest, Le Noise, and rich-voiced Brazilian artist Seu Jorge. Every time I visit Music Hall, I wind up having to spend more money. Oh well.

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Which cables did Mr.Creek use in CES 2011? thanks