Epos & Creek

Epos and Creek have long been associated—Epos loudspeakers seemed to work particularly well with Creek electronics—but the connection became more solidified in 2014, when Mike Creek acquired total control of Epos and appointed his son, Luke, to be the Epos brand director. The first result of this change of ownership is the new Epos K-Series, which importer Roy Hall describes as being more "lifestyle-oriented."

The series includes the stand-mounted K1, the K2 floorstander, and—introduced at CES 2015—another floorstander: the K3 ($2395/pair), shown in the photo. Active models are in the works. I'm not sure if I know exactly what "lifestyle-oriented" means, but if it's a way of saying that the speakers look very attractive, then I'd say this is an appropriate description of the Epos K-Series.