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Well I tried reading this article......kept waiting for the review about the actual product.........gave up after the first page since all I saw was yet another stroy about some woman. Is this a regular thing with Mr Mejias?  I mean he has to include something about women in every thing he writes lately. Perhaps he should write for a different magazine that doesn't include audio equipment........just saying.

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Do you smell something?

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That since you have been outed little Johnny, that everyone knows that you are not a pro of any kind, but a guy who builds speakers as a hobby; you would stop criticising so much. 

Oh well, lost cause...

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So why are you posting spam everywhere? You never are on topic about anything. Marking you as a spammer.

You posted as being a hobbyist piano player. Going by your's and JA's logic then, you have no right to criticise any music that has piano playing in it

[flame deleted by JA]

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GeorgeHolland wrote:
You posted as being a hobbyist piano player. Going by your's and JA's logic then, you have no right to criticise any music that has piano playing in it.

That's not what I wrote. I wasn't making a general case. JohnnyR was making the argument that as he had designed well-regarded loudspeakers that performed better than those from established speaker companies, his comments on speaker design should be taken as authoritative. However, it turned out that this wasn't true, that his experience as a loudspeaker engineer was purely as a hobbyist and that none of his designs had been put to the test of the unbiased marketplace. His claim to authority was therefore not borne out by the facts, and his opinions had much the same weight as those with whom he was arguing.

GeorgeHolland wrote:
Marking you as a spammer.

Please do not do this. The "Mark As Spam" button should be used to alert the moderators of genuine spam that has found its way through our filter. It is not meant for individuals to try to best others in arguments.

John Atkinson

Editor, Stereophile

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Doesn't matter what you "meant", what matters is that you said it. A bit late to be back peddling. As to JohnnyR making claims, as long as what he wrote about the speaker being flawed and why is correct and can be backed up by facts (he was correct by the way no matter your opinon)then him being a hobbyist should not have been looked upon as something  bad. You insulted hobbyists with your comments.

Please start deleting Regadude's comments if he can't be on topic. He's just posting to get a reaction, hence he's a troll. Also ChrisS comment above.

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not "AktiMate Micro powered desktop loudspeaker" review.

Regardless, I enjoyed the piece as it shows how we should be mindful of other people's interests instead of being pretentious audiophile snobs all the time.

I would have liked to seen a little more comparison details though, for example, are they worth the extra $100 over the Audioengine A5s?

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Unlike some around here, I like girls. More than my systen, even.