The Entry Level #16 Contacts

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Audio Intelligent Vinyl Solutions
Osage Audio Products LLC
PO Box 232
Hallsville, MO 65255
Tel: (573) 696-3551

Vinyl Flat LLC
PO Box 524
Rose City, TX 75189
Tel: (469) 426-8554


Lofty's picture

Satis is a fine restaurant. I also like Madame Claude and that Spanish tapas place on Grove St. a block from the PATH station. Lots of good restaurants in that area of Jersey City.

LA mitchell's picture

Do you ever think about selling all of your precious VINYL and then using the money on a really good DAC?  It's sooooo much easier!   Just kidding, kind of.

p.s. good call on Nite Jewel - I now have it in my favs on Spotify.




Stephen Mejias's picture

Nah, I enjoy working with vinyl's problems.  Digital's problems are much less interesting to me.  (At least for now. At some point in the future, when it makes sense for me to explore computer audio, I will of course become more interested in DACs.)

Jody M.'s picture

What a cliff hanger... did you get Christine's mega warped album flattened?! I'll ask her next time I see her.

I've opted for a bit more expensive approach to warped records - an outer ring clamp, combined with a center weight.

My favorite restaurants in Jersey City: The Saigon Cafe, and Ibby's Falafel.

Stephen Mejias's picture

Heeeeeey, a fellow vinyl-loving, falafel-eating Jersey City neighbor?! Who the heck are you?

What kind of turntable are you using? A VPI? The second part of the story can be found in our May issue, but, yes, I did successfully flatten Christine's record.  Sort of.

Mmm...Saigon Cafe. Mmm...Peppercorn squid!