Energy Veritas v2.8 loudspeaker October 1995

Tom Norton returned to the Veritas in October 1995 (Vol.18 No.10):

The $6000/pair Energy Veritas v2.8 is the high-end loudspeaker with which I have spent the most time over the past several months. Compared with the Thiel CS7, it has more low-end weight and power-handling capability, combined with what I can only call a majestic quality.

Still, the mid- to upper-bass of the Veritas is its major weakness—it's not nearly as tight or well-defined as the Thiel in this region. Though I have no serious reservations about the Energy's midrange, the Thiel does sound as if it has less coloration in this important region. The Veritas sounds slightly more forward, though neither loudspeaker could be described as pushy or in-your-face.

At the top, the Energy is sweeter and more forgiving than the CS7, though not without a slight metallic aftertaste. A pair of Energys also presents a big, expansive soundstage—the sound grabs hold of, and envelops, a room in a way that the Thiels couldn't quite manage. On the other hand, my experience tells me that the Energys are trickier to set up than the Thiels to achieve their highest performance.

Which loudspeaker is "better?" Give me the bottom-end extension, spatial bloom, and treble sweetness of the Energy combined with the tight mid- and upper bass, exceptionally low coloration, and overall clarity of the Thiel.—Thomas J. Norton

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