Emotiva Takes Chicago

In December, when I visited Jade Design, the parent of Emotiva, Emotiva Pro, and Sherbourn, in Franklin, Tennessee, I found a company that was confident, ambitious, resourceful, intelligently managed, and of impressive means. One sunny morning, as we sat around the onsite kitchen enjoying a delicious breakfast that had been prepared by one of the company’s warehouse managers, Emotiva’s Dan Laufman surveyed the room and asked his guests, “Can you think of anything we’re not doing? Anything we’re missing?”

I thought of all I’d already seen: the recording studio, the two large home theaters, the two-channel listening room, the small photo studio, the wood shop, the repair center, the testing lab, the massive shipping and receiving warehouse, the prototypes, the plans, the smiles on the faces of employees. Emotiva seemed to have just about everything covered. And while I could certainly think of a few things I’d want Emotiva to do differently—mostly superficial things related to industrial design and marketing—I couldn’t think of a single thing the company was actually missing.

Emotiva presents itself as that rare company not only interested in outward growth, but in giving back to its community and customers. Each year, Emotiva hosts Emofest, a weekend-long event open to the public featuring factory tours, live music, food from local vendors, and, in general, an atmosphere in which your family can meet the Emotiva family. And make no mistake: Emotiva is a family-run operation and would prefer to be seen that way. Excellent customer service and open communication are not just priorities, but ways of bringing the customer into the family. Remember that Emotiva sells direct, online, and covers its products with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 5-year transferrable warranty. If there are any lingering concerns about Emotiva’s legitimacy as a high-end audio manufacturer, such measures could help alleviate them.

But what if you’re still not ready to buy and you just can’t make it to Emofest?

Emotiva has that covered, too: The Emotiva “On the Road” tour makes its first stop this Saturday, April 13th, from 9am to 5pm, at the Chicago Marriott in Naperville, Illinois. Emotiva says:

We’re bringing the Emotiva experience to you. We’re stuffing everything that we can fit into a 40ft trailer: over 1000 lbs of gear, a pop-up home theater on wheels, our favorite tunes, and the Emotiva crew. This is your chance to hear for yourself just how much high-end, audiophile-quality sound you can get for your money—if you’re a smart shopper.

I can't help but wonder: Are you a smart shopper? Do you want to be a smart shopper? Or are you some other kind of shopper?

In any case, the event is free and open to the public. Food and drink will be served, and there will be special discounts on Emotiva products. For more info, and to learn about future destinations for the Emotiva “On the Road” tour, click here.

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I made it and had a great time with the Emotiva folks. I even bought a mini-x A-100.

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Why can't we get a review of their 2 channel gear? I don't trust "bobs audio" review..

Give a an idea if this "cheap" gear is worth considering for those that can't spend $7000 on speaker wire....