Elac: What a difference a tweeter makes!

What a difference a tweeter makes! Elac makes a small bookshelf speaker, the BS 73, which costs $850/pair. They make another, even smaller, bookshelf speaker, the BS 312, which costs $2800/pair. The BS 312 is shown in the center of the photo, with the BS 73 flanking it (I'm not sure which one). There are some obvious differences in construction (the BS 312 has a metal cabinet), but the greatest difference is probably the tweeter: the BS 73 uses a dome tweeter, whereas the BS 312 uses what they call a JET tweeter.

This is Elac's version of what is otherwise known as the Heil Air Motion Transformer (AMT). A version of the AMT tweeter is used by several other manufacturers, notably GoldenEar Technology. It would be interesting to see how the different various versions of the Heil tweeter vary in performance.