Echole, Absolare, and Bybee

Kerem Kücükaslan, whose surname means “Little Lion,” was born in Istanbul, where he resides for at least part of the year. Fluent in English, he received his BS in industrial engineering at WPI and a minor degree at MIT.

Kücükaslan founded Echole four years ago in New Hampshire. On display at T.H.E. Show was the complete line of Obsession Signature: speaker cable ($11,000/6ft pair), interconnects ($7500/3ft pair), and power cords ($6850/6ft).

Parts for Echole’s two cable lines, Echole Obsession and Echole Obsession Signature, are manufactured in both the US and Turkey. The wire, which is manufactured in Japan, consists of a proprietary ratio of silver, gold, and palladium. (The Obsession line has less gold and palladium that the Obsession Signature).

Kücükaslan also own Absolare, a company that makes preamps, a soon-to-be-released single-ended triode 50W amp, and the Absolare Bybee Purifier ($6800). Especially designed for Absolare by Jack Bybee, the purifier’s internal structure is resonance optimized, and its outer casing is aircraft aluminum covered with real leather. The difference between the Absolare Bybee Purifier and the standard Bybee purifier is that the Absolare Bybee’s internal wiring is all Echole Signature, its caps are Mundorf custom silver/gold, and its outlets Oyaide top level silver palladium.

The picture shows Kücükaslan holding an Echole Obsession Signature cable. It was impossible to photograph the Absolare Bybee Purifier, which was tucked behind the system.