Dynaudio's Wireless Wonders

During the brief amount of time I spent at CES 2012 in Las Vegas, one of my most impressive acquaintances was with the new Dynaudio Xeo 5 ($4500/pair) floorstander and Dynaudio Xeo 3 ($2300/pair) bookshelf wireless loudspeakers. Sold complete with a wireless transmitter and remote control, these loudspeakers deliver astonishingly good sound without need to spend money on speaker cables and the like.

The Xeos were on display in one of four rooms (!) hosted by Sunny Components. Although the source equipment was a less-than-stellar PC, the system still produced lovely sound. Note that Dynaudio's Michael Manousselis purposely omitted a power conditioner from the chain so he could demonstrate how good the Xeos can sound in a basic set-up.

Also on active display, but unfortunately not pictured due to a glitch in my brain, were the Dynaudio Focus 160 Loudspeakers ($2900/pair). Coupled with the new T+A DAC 8 ($2900), Octave V40 SE integrated amp ($5300), Qsonix Music Server ($7995), and Shunyata & StraightWire cables, the system sounded wonderful and surprisingly full-range on a recording by Robert Plant and Alison Kraus.

popluhv's picture

Get rid of the speaker cable, but add a power cord. Where's the improvement?

Stephen Mejias's picture

The Xeo is an active, wireless speaker.  Which means, if you already own a computer full of music, all you need to do is add the Xeo and you'll have a true high-end system.  And it sounds really good—too good, in my opinion, for the price—even when playing typical files from iTunes, as Jason noted.  This is a very smart product.  One of my favorites of the show.

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The Xeo 3 is on my wish list for outdoor speakers under a covered patio.  Do they go loud enough to scare the neighbors with Immigrant Song - T. Reznor's version?