Dupuy Acoustique

It was a joy to enter the Dupuy Acoustique room and encounter fellow opera lovers with excellent taste in music. Their system, headlined by Dupuy Acoustique Bongo loudspeakers ($3500/pair), conveyed the midrange of soprano Renée Fleming’s voice with a beauty I can best describe as gorgeous. Yet, despite room treatment, the system generated annoying room-related resonances when handed the more vibrant voice of Beverly Sills in her prime. Until I have the opportunity to hear these speakers in a setting more conducive to their strengths, I leave them singing in the company of a Bryston B135SST2 integrated amplifier ($4500), Oppo BDP-95 universal player modified by Modwright, a Shunyata Hydra 8 power conditioner, and Audioquest Sky interconnects.

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Lipinskis crossed with Gales.