Doshi Audio and Brinkmann Audio

The truly superior sound in the room co-sponsored by Paragon Sight and Sound of Ann Arbor gave me my first listen to Wilson Audio's Sasha 2 loudspeakers ($30,900/pair) and Doshi Audio electronics. First up was an LP of Ray Brown on bass, performing three days after Thelonious Monk died. Played on a Brinkmann Audio Balanced turntable package with Koetsu Azule Platinum cartridge ($46,500 total), the sound through Doshi Audio 3.0 phono stage and line stage preamplifiers ($31,990 combined) and Doshi Audio 3.0 Jhor 160W monoblocks ($26,995/pair) was warm and inviting, as in "I must hear more" (even if Brown occasionally strayed from pitch).

Next came the dCS Puccini upsampling SACD/CD player ($18,999), which happens to be part of my reference system. On Yarlung Records' disc, Antonio Lysy at the Broad, three-dimensionality was first class, the soundstage superb, and the overall presentation gorgeous. As a replacement for the original Sasha, which was once part of my reference system, Wilson's Sasha 2 sounded like a major winner. And this was in a room that many exhibitors found impossible to tame.

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This room was truly a highlight of the show.  The Doshi components were fantastic, and when combined with Brinkmann, dCS, and Wilson speakers the sound was phenomenal.  Most of the time there was a crowd waiting to get a seat in this room - to those who were patient they were rewarded with a best in show experience.  Thanks to Paragon Sight and Sound for sharing with us.   

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I spent quite a bit of time in this room. The product rep was kind enough to let me play some of my own music. Gotta says that is the best I've heard it on any system.