The Dan D'Agostino Momentum Preamplifier

I ran into Dan D'Agostino, in the hallway of the Venetian. He was hurrying off to a meeting, but had a moment to mention that his amplifiers were being used in live exhibits in several rooms, including YG and Light Harmonic DaVinci, among others. I asked if there was anything new at the show, and he smiled and mentioned the new Momentum preamplifier. I found the D'Agostino room and his partner Petra, showed me the preamplifier, which was on passive display.

The Momentum preamplifier ($32,000 in silver, $34,000 in black) incorporates much of the technology Dan developed for the Momentum stereo and monoblock amplifiers. The unit on display was silver (a black-anodized version costs $2000 more), and includes 6 inputs, color-coded source-selection pushbuttons, and a large rotary volume control that serves as the rim on the front panel's meter. The meter shows signal levels and can be switched to show the level setting of the volume control. The power supply is built into a separate subchassis that can be seen if you look under the front panel.

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Good Gosh!! that is some beautiful piece of equipment.

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Along with their amps, some of the best looking gear, sweet. 

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Dan the man has done it again styling wise. He is a nice guy too. After meeting " Mr Krell" and having one of his old class A clunkers myself I think these new components donning his name are the next step up. Until the big lotto win I can only dream. Bass and Treble yes please. Dan be really retro and put a midrange control or you next pre amp or integrated.