This room was the first I went into on Sunday morning of RMAF, drawn in by a superbly natural representation of the cellos, violas, and gambas on a recording of the fifth Bach Brandenburg Concerto. (An ensemble led by Antony Holstead, I was later told.) And the chile lights didn’t hurt. Speakers were the Daedalus Orpheus ($38,500/pair) with two BOW woofers ($6080 with handbuilt crossover), driven by the ModWright 150Wpc KWA150 Signature monoblocks ($8495 each), a ModWright LS 36.5 DM preamplifier ($9995), and a Modwright Elyse DAC (price TBD) fed data by a modified Oppo BDP 95 (two tubes poked through the top panel). Speaker cables were Daedalus; interconnects and AC cords were WyWires.

So enjoyable was the sound in this room that I would have liked to stay for more music but unfortunately the people in the room were engrossed in conversation, degrading the S/N Ratio.

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Lou Hinkley of Daedalus emailed me today to let me know that though the $38,500 Daedalus 'Orpheus' was listed on the equipment list, they had swapped them out Sunday morning and we were playing the $12,950 Argos without the subs and those are what I auditioned.

John Atkinson
Editor, Stereophile