Da Vinci in the dark

Thank goodness I wasn't shooting with film: It took several frames to get a decent photo of the Da Vinci DAC ($31,000) from the California company Light Harmonic. But I didn't mind spending all that time trying, as the music was superbly tactile and compelling—thanks in no small part to amplification from KR Audio Electronics, represented at RMAF by the enduringly gracious Dr. Eunice Kron.

JohnnyR's picture

.....I missed reading about this earlier, tut tut. Must have been during my exile and banishment  Sooooooooooooo lets see what we have here shall we? A DAC..........check......$31,000.........check............gullible people willing to buy it...........uhhhhhh maybe, maybe not, lets hope people have more sense than money in this case. I propose changing the name from the Da Vinci to Duh Vagincy

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The top feeders help keep the prices down on the myu $1K sub components. 


Anyway, is the ESOTERIC - D-07 DUAL MONO DAC as good as this? Or is there a fine line??