Creek 4240 Special Edition integrated amplifier Systematic

Sidebar 2: Systematic

For most of my Special Edition Creek listening I used a core system consisting of a Thorens TD160/SME 3009 III/Grado Signature 8MZ analog front end, CAL Icon II CD player, MIT Terminator 2 interconnects, and Acarian Systems Alón Petite loudspeakers driven by bi-wired Acarian Systems Black Orpheus speaker cable. Alternatively, the Alóns were replaced with Celestion 5 and NHT 1.3 speakers connected with MIT Terminator 2 speaker wire. All speakers stood on Celestion Si stands generously loaded with sand and lead shot. The following comments apply equally to the CD and analog front-ends (the latter amplified through the Creek moving-magnet board option).—Robert J. Reina

Creek Audio Limited
US Distributor: Music Hall
108 Station Road
Great Neck, NY 11023
(516) 487-3663

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So in August of 2013 you're publishing a review from 1995. 





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LS35A wrote:
So in August of 2013 you're publishing a review from 1995.

Yup, my goal is eventually to have every Stereophile review dating back to 1962, the year of the magazine's founding, available on this website. Why would anyone have a problem with that?

John Atkinson

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For me some of those products, long forgotten, take me back to when I first started becoming an audiophile in the early 80's and how great some of this gear was and still is.  I think Stereophile is the only mag that does this sort of thing and I really like going down memory lane and learning new things about older gear.  Keep em coming and frequently, life is short.