Corby's Audio/Saturn Audio/Alta/Kuzma/Allnic

I heard welcoming sound in the room shared by retailer Corby's Audio and manufacturer Saturn Audio when I walked in on Steely Dan playing on a system fronted by a pair of 3-way Alta Audio Adam speakers ($19,000/pair) that looked spiffy in their premium Rosewood finish ($1000 extra).

As soon as I saw what the source was, an image of a smiling Ken Micallef popped in my mind. That source was a Kuzma Stabi S turntable with power supply and Stogi 5 arm package ($7760) and a Kuzma CAR40 cartridge ($3170), which were sending their liquid analog signal to an MM/MC Saturn Audio 401 phono stage with external power supply ($3500), which diverted the signal to a solid state 90Wpc Saturn Audio 701 integrated amp ($5500), all of which were wired with Allnic Audio cabling. An indispensable tweak was also listed on the bottom of Saturn Audio's price sheet: Swiffer Duster ($Priceless). I didn't ask, but I'll assume that if you buy something from René Evans, owner of Saturn Audio (above), he'll throw in a Swiffer at no charge.

But even if he doesn't, don't sweat it. There was something graceful in the way the music from this system flowed. It was sweet, impactfully tactile, rhythmically engaging, and produced images that were well etched, but never thin sounding, across a large sonic landscape. No Swiffer needed for this window on the music.

(All prices in Canadian dollars unless otherwise noted.)

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hard flooring in hotel rooms. Between small rooms and no carpeting it seems counterintuitive that the rooms were not too lively. Then again, my own dedicated listening room is small and I think the sound was and is improved by installing solid walnut flooring.