Control from Soulution

"Bass really impressive . . . very neutral," I wrote in my notes as I listened to the Budapest Symphony Orchestra blast away in the last movement of Mahler's Symphony 1. "Really excellent in clarifying complex instrumental layers that other systems blend together. A little toned down on top and lacking in ultimate color, but rich in ultimate clarity and control."

How fabulous this system might sound under near optimal conditions, I’d love to know. Meanwhile, in a system that included three units from Soulution and Magico’s new S3 loudspeakers, all wired Vovox cabling optimized for Soulution products, let’s focus on the electronics: The Soulution 711 stereo power amp ($65,000), whose power supply has switched from the discontinued 710’s linear to switch mode, and optimized for use in audio; Soulution 725 preamp ($55,000), whose new linear power supply reportedly functions more precisely, and also offers greater storage capacitance; Soulution prototype player with new DAC technology that addresses phase issues. The unit plays DSD, but first converts it to PCM.