Conrad-Johnson PV10 preamplifier Corey's System

Sidebar 1: Corey's System

The PV10A did time in two rooms: my He-Man rig and my Real World system. The He-Man rig consisted of either the VTL Deluxe 225 tube amps or the cool-man Aragon 4004-II solid-state muscle amp driving ProAc Response Two speakers augmented by the mighty Muse Model 18 subwoofer. Analog source was Sumiko's butt-nekkid Blue Point Special cartridge mounted on Roksan's Radius turntable and Tabriz arm (review to come). Digital delight was derived from a duo of Thetas: the DS Pro Basic II processor and Data II transport. Interconnects were Kimber KCAG and AudioQuest Lapis, and speaker cable was a bi-wired pair of Kimber 4AG. The PV10A, as well as the rest of the gear, was plugged into a Power Wedge AC line conditioner.

The Real World system in my living room was as follows: Rotel RB-960BX and Adcom GFA-535 II amps (reviews as the crow flies), Spica Angelus and Vandersteen 1B speakers (review afore you know it), Project One turntable/arm/cartridge (another review, U-betcha), JVC's XL-Z1050TN CD player, and Mike Moffat's killer new $599 Cobalt digital processor. AudioQuest's $50/pair Topaz interconnects and $2/ft Type 4 speaker cable held everything together, and everything was plugged directly into [shudder] the wall AC sockets.—Corey Greenberg

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