Conrad-Johnson Premier Seven preamplifier Tape Loops

Sidebar 1: Tape Loops

Conrad-Johnson's tape-input and tape-recorder circuitry is shown in fig.1, with heavy lines tracing one of the two signal routes by which a tape recorder's output can get back to its input.

Fig.2 is an alternative switching method, which would require only one additional set of ganged contacts on the Record switch. This would offer all the flexibility of C-J's present configuration, without the risk of potentially destructive oscillation. Its only limitation would be the inability to record from other sources (CD, Tuner) onto Tape 2.—J. Gordon Holt

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Enter not the PV-9 but the Evolution 20 'SE' version the one Chassis Premier Seven with all the right ergonomics and great sound.
'SE' version had the same updates as the Premier Seven 'B' and the same tubecomplement.