Coming Next Week: Munich High End 2014

Bill Parrish of GTT Audio calls it "the best." Jonathan Halpern of Tone Imports describes it as "the most well-organized, well-attended show, with the greatest number of products I've never heard or seen before." Peter McGrath of Wilson Audio says "It has risen to be the most significant showcase of high-end technologies: a major, major show." And our own Michael Fremer says it's "where you go to confirm that audio is a serious, healthy, and growing business."

The object of their praise is the Munich High End show, which takes place every year at the MOC Veranstaltungscenter München. Sponsored by the High End Society—a professional trade organization based in Wuppertal, Germany—High End 2014 will run from May 15 through May 18; the first day is reserved for trade only, while consumers are welcome on the 16th through the 18th, with admission set at €12 per day, or €30 for all three days. (Children under 14 are admitted free.)

As of this writing, over 400 exhibitors have signed on for High End 2014: a staggering and yet sobering number, given that I'll be covering the show for (My colleague Michael Fremer will also be there, on behalf of It's unlikely that I'll be able to visit all 400 during my time in Munich, but I'll report on as many as possible, with an eye toward the artisanal, the unusual, the very new, the very old, and the very, very good—so please stay tuned.

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It is always good to see what is all the rage across the globe.

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I built a set of the PureAudioProject TRIO 15 open baffle speakers... Absolutely stunned! Now I'm going to build a set which has custom morel drivers.. They have a unique biz model that got me thinking... I figured WTH.. I couldn't be happier.

If you could 'confirm' for me what a great sounding speaker these guys create - I can continue to gloat to my friends who spend waaaaaay too much for their speakers.

They are in hall03 booth H01... Tell them thomas says hi..
Sorry for the shameless plug - early bird gets the worm..

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Gotta love those horns

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I high efficiensee what you did there.

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Hi there,

I have been following the developments of Bruno Putzeys' standalone DAC on Mola-Mola's blog, as well as the development of their other fabulous components, and they are all truly interesting and promising.

I would love to see a good report on what these guys are up to, and hopefully the Kaluga monoblocks and the Mola-Mola DAC or Makua PreAmp reviewed.


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