Classic Audio–Atma-Sphere–Stahl-Tek–Purist

Classic Audio always makes good sound at Shows, and RMAF was no exception, both analog and digital sources sounding clean, clear and detailed. The system featured a pair of T-1.4 Reference speakers ($36,500/pair), this a retro-looking design combining two reflex-loaded, field-coil energized 15” woofers (one firing forward, the other downward) with a horn-loaded, field-coil energized midrange unit, and a Fostex tweeter. Amplifiers were Atma-Sphere MA1.5 monoblocks, cables were by Purist, and analog source a Brinkman Bardo turntable fitted with a Tri-Planar arm and van den Hul Grasshopper cartridge. The digital source was new to me: all from Texas-based Stahl-Tek, an Opus CD transport fed the “entry level” Ariaa D/A converter ($12,900).

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What better pairing could one find than Ralph's OTL's and John's field coils?dynamically amazing! They were probably also running Atma-Sphere MP-1 preamp with phono stage as I have heard many times before. I love Ralph's OTL's and that is why I own MA-1's.

Happy Listener! ;^)>

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No mention of them?