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Joe Perfito's Tributaries cable line is mainly found in home-theater systems but Joe launched a new brand at RMAF, Clarus, aimed at the high-end two-channel market. Significantly more expensive than the Tributaries equivalents—Clarus Crimson balanced interconnect sells for $1500/1 pair and the Clarus Aqua $800/1m pair, compared with $400/1m pair for a Tributaries balanced cable—Clarus cables are designed by Jay Victor, who, I was told, has previously contributed cable designs to Monster and AudioQuest, among others. The speaker cables feature a combination of a large-gauge rectangular conductor and multiple Litz-wound conductors. All the cables feature polyethylene dielectrics and all PC-OCC copper conductors.

Joe was still fine-tuning the system—B&W 803 Diamond speakers, McIntosh MCD100 CD player/DAC and McIntosh monoblocks, and a Tributaries power manager when I visited the Clarus room—but I kidded him that the only non-Clarus cable in the system was the USB link from the laptop to the McIntosh MCD100.

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Congratulations to Joe Perfito and his new Clarus brand!

One clarification though...Jay Victor has never designed cables for AudioQuest. All AudioQuest cable products are designed by AudioQuest owner William E. Low.

Joe Harley

Vice President/Product Development


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Great picture of Joe & the cables.  Yes, Joe Harley is absolutely correct.  I did not design cables for Audioquest, but did consult for them briefly, which I guess was misinterpreted.  However, I have designed cables for many other well known companies, which I won't go into here.  Nevertheless, the Clarus cables are quite unique, and I hope Tributaries will be very successful with them.  I'll gladly do a USB cable, if so desired.....

Jay Victor


Orbital Development, LLC

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