CANJAM’s Major Statement

With Tyll Hertsens reporting in depth on RMAF’s CANJAM 2013 at our sister site,, I’ll just briefly acknowledge the scope of this major exhibition. Hosted by, the event drew the youngest crowd in its history.

RMAF’s CANJAM, although small in comparison to Tokyo’s annual headphone event, is the largest headphone gathering at a US audio show. According to Head-Fi founder Jude Mansilla (shown on the right of the photo, next to Hertsens (center), and, on the left, Head-Fi administrator Joe Cwik), this was the first year that major manufacturers Sony and Philips exhibited at a Head-Fi event. Now that’s major!

Stephen Scharf's picture

I always make sure to spend some time at CanJam at RMAF. This year it seemed to be bigger and better than ever. I agree there were a young crowd at CanJam...this must be one of the major ways our younger audiophiles can afford SOTA sound. 

As always, the energy and fun atmosphere that is CanJam was well in evidence.