The Buzz in the Emotiva Room

I wish I could tell you how the music sounded in the main Emotiva room. Alas, there were so many people talking about the sound of Emotiva's XSP-1 Differential Reference preamp ($899), ERC-2 Differential Reference CD player/ digital transport ($449), XPA-1 Differential Reference monoblock power amplifier ($999), XRT-6.2 Xref Tower speakers ($699/pair), and due-by-Christmastime XDA-2 fully balanced Differential DAC ($399) that I was unable to take a serious listen. Definitely good for Emotiva, if not necessarily for you the reader.

JohnnyR's picture

stuck around till the room cleared out enough to give them a listen. I'm guessing that listening to components that the average buyer could afford wasn't on your priority list.

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... how rude people are to the providers of free content.

I, like you, JohnnyR, am interested in Emotiva products. It is likely that I will purchase some in the future. So I was also disappointed that they were unable to report on these products.

Even if your insinuation was correct (it isn't; any person somewhat familiar with Stereophile content and with an inkling of reason can see that), it doesn't matter. You are just a whiner.