Bryston's New Cubed Solid-State Amplifiers

Bryston had sent me emails announcing a new amplifier series but gave little detail. Arriving at the exhibit in the Venetian Towers, I was greeted by ever-upbeat James Tanner, Bryston's Director of Marketing. He pointed to the new Bryston 7B3 monoblock amplifier ($11,000/pair), and explained that the "cubed" name arose as naturally following the previous Bryston amplifier SST2 series.

The "SST" title had referred to Stewart Taylor, the designer of the earlier line of amplifiers. A brand-new, patented input circuit, designed by Dr. Alexandru Salomie, results in improved distortion and signal/noise ratio: the cubed series are said to have one-tenth of the distortion and be 3dB quieter than the SST2 amplifiers. Power output is rated at 600W into 8 ohms and 900W into 4 ohms.