The British Invasion v.2: The Beatles Tour the US—on LP

Over at AnalogPlanet, Michael Fremer has kept us up to date on the highly anticipated remastered Beatles LPs. While the reemergence of the Beatles catalog on vinyl is exciting news for many music lovers, audiophiles are most curious about how these new editions will sound.

Get ready to find out.

Beginning Monday, November 19, and continuing through Friday, December 7, Capitol Records/Apple Corps will host in-store listening events at high-end audio retailers in 10 major US markets. As if that wasn’t cool enough, each event will feature a guest speaker involved in the remastering process, and each retailer will present the new Beatles LPs on hi-fi systems led by British-made Rega turntables.

The complete calendar of events:

Monday, November 19, 7pm:
AudioVision San Francisco (1603 Pine Street, San Francisco, CA)

Tuesday, November 20, 5pm:
Ahead Stereo (7428 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA)

Monday, November 26, 7pm:
Audio Alternative (895 Indian Trail Road, Suite 15, Lilburn, GA)

Tuesday, November 27, 6pm:
Audio Concepts (11661 Preston Road, Suite 280, Dallas, TX)

Wednesday, November 28, 7pm:
Whetstone Audio (2401 East 6th Street, Suite 1001, Austin, TX)

Monday, December 3, 6pm:
Pro Musica (2236 North Clark Street, Chicago, IL)

Tuesday, December 4, 6pm:
Goodwin’s High End (899 Main Street, Waltham, MA)

Wednesday, December 5, 7pm:
In Living Stereo (2 Great Jones Street, New York, NY)

Thursday, December 6, 7pm:
Community Audio (8020 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia, PA)

Friday, December 7, 6pm:
IQ Home Entertainment (10890 Fairfax Boulevard, Fairfax, VA)

LytleSound's picture

We have the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland.  Cincinnati has a symphony, a pops, a full-time ballet, a full-time opera company, local jazz every night somewhere, and yet the closest this event gets is CHICAGO! Shame. Even Indianapolis where RCA once was a presence or Cincinnati, the home of Crosley radios and WLW - Beatles did perform here when on their tour - would be better choices than Fairfax, VA (and I have relatives who live there).

Bill B's picture

Cincinnati poplulation 296,000.  Fairfax population 1,100,000.

Cincinnati median household income: $34K.  Fairfax: $108K.

And Fairfax is part of Metropolitan Washington area, population 5 million plus, and the best educated metro area in the US.

It's no insult to Cincinnati to be about the 50th best choice for the Beatles thing, way behind the cities chosen for the tour.