Boulder 2008 phono preamplifier & 2010 preamplifier Specifications

Sidebar 1: Specifications

Boulder 2008: Balanced solid-state MC/MM phono preamplifier with three inputs, two outputs, adjustable loading and gain. No specifications available.
Dimensions: Phono preamplifier: 18.0" W by 4.25" H by 15.5" D. Power supply: 18.0" W by 4.25" H by 15.5" D. Shipping weight: 63 lbs.
Serial number of unit reviewed: None visible.
Price: 29,000.

Boulder 2010: Balanced line preamplifier with 6 inputs, 2 main outputs, 2 record outputs. Maximum input level: 7V RMS. Maximum output level: 28V RMS. THD+noise (2V output, 20Hz-5kHz): 0.0008% (-102dB); THD+noise at 20kHz: 0.001% (-100dB). THD with output loaded with 150 ohms: <0.5dB distortion change. Maximum voltage gain: 20dB. Record path gain: 12dB. Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz, +0/-0.03dB. 0.02Hz-300kHz, -3dB. Channel separation (L-R or R-L): 136dB or better, 20Hz-20kHz. Crosstalk, adjacent inputs: -136dB or better, 20Hz-20kHz. Crosstalk, Main to Record: -132dB or better, 20Hz-20kHz. Input impedance: 333k ohms balanced. Output impedance: 100 ohms. Power requirements: 240W max (180W nominal).
Dimensions: Preamp: 18.0" W by 6.875" H by 16.25" D. Power supply: 18.0" W by 4.25" H by 15.5" D. Shipping weight both: 63.5 lbs.
Serial number of units reviewed: None visible.
Price: 36,000.

Both: Approximate number of dealers: 15.
Manufacturer: Boulder Amplifiers, 3235 Prairie Avenue, Boulder, CO 80301. Tel: (303) 449-8220. Fax: (303) 449-2987. Web:

3235 Prairie Avenue
Boulder, CO 80301
(303) 449-8220