Beautiful Sound from BAT

The latest version of the VK-655SE monoblock amplifiers ($33,000/pair) from BAT (Balanced Audio Technology) may have been out for awhile, but CES marked their first appearance at any show. A dual-mono design available in both stereo and monoblock configurations, the amp exuded beautiful tube-like warmth (without the use of tubes) on a recording of Tchaikovsky's Symphony 6, with TAD loudspeakers.

For this, credit is undoubtedly due its second-generation, oil-filled Super-caps, the use of only two gain blocks, and the absence of feedback. As Geoff Poor explained, "Our amp is linear in amplitude and time from the noise floor to full output. Rather than using negative feedback to lower distortion, we've simplified our technology and use N-channel MOSFETs to do the same thing. This is what we do in our top-of-the-line Rex products." The amp outputs 360Wpc into 8 ohms, or 600Wpc (stereo) into 4.

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Geoff Poor of BAT just sent the following about the VK-655SE:
"The VK-655SE 'stereo' amp is, in fact, a true duo-mono design with two totally separate mono amps housed in a single chassis, each with their own separate power cord. The only element shared between the two amps, besides the single chassis, is the power switch.

"The mono-block version (which costs twice as much) is essentially a “stereo” amp with the two channels paralleled, which results in an amplifier with twice the current, half again lower output impedance and, theoretically, 6 dB better signal-to-noise ratio (relative to the one chassis, stereo amp). Thus, the two chassis mono-block version of the 655SE is simply a more powerful, better amplifier than the single chassis, duo-mono VK-655SE. Oh, and it does indeed sound better!"

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We have used the VK-655SE for 3 shows and about 10 demo projects in the last year. Including T.H.E. SHOW Newport, Rocky Mountain Audio Fest and the SUPER FUN Lone Star Audio Fest. This amp paired with the REX Preamp and VK-P12SE Super Pack has been a big hit with the show goers and has really helped develop our sound in general. The BAT system is as fluid, articulate and effortless as any system we have ever used. This is true in house, or on the road.

Go hear this!
Bravo BAT!

Joshua W. Miles
JWM Acoustics